Ladies Golf Attire And Fashion


Ladies Golf Attire and Fashion

I was at the doctors office the other day and they had a copy of a womanís golf magazine sitting there, so naturally I checked it out. I wondered where the women are who wear the golf attire modeled in womenís golf magazines? Iíve yet to see a woman, professionals included, dressed in such expensive and outrageous clothes!

Itís easy to spend money outfitting yourself for golf. Hats, sunglasses, gloves, shirts, shorts, socks, windbreakers and shoes all add up quickly, even if you shop the sales. Add in equipment, bag and cart and you have to play quite often to keep down the "CPU" Ė cost per use.

One glossy advertisement showed a model in short shorts (like thatís allowed on courses!) that cost $275, the Tse golf shirt ($595), jacket by Ralph Lauren ($185) and two-toned Utuser shoes ($425).

That comes up to $1480; I could never hope to get the CPU on that outfit anywhere near a normal level in my lifetime! Donít get me wrong; I love clothes. I really love shoes, but could never afford, or want, golf shoes that cost more than the national budget of some small countries.

Granted, you want comfortable shoes that donít look like something your grandmother would wear, but you can easily find less expensive and fashionable shoes.

I have several really stylish golf outfits, none of them brand name. If I totaled the cost of all of them up it would not come up to the price of the Tse golf shirt. Personally, Iíd rather have several stylish outfits and one outrageously priced one.

If I were to wear a $1480 outfit to play golf, I would simply be too worried about getting dirty or perspiring to play a decent round of golf.

Remember a time, not long ago, when your local golf club pro shop was ďtheĒ shopping place for all your golf accessories. Today, ask any young caddy or a twenty-something golf nut, and they might turn up their noses at the thought of shopping at a brick and mortar store.

These same shoppers prefer shopping online for their golf accessories. Not only is it the trendy thing to do, but you might be surprised at the several different types of advantages and benefits you get from shopping online for your golf accessories.

Not only do you get more variety, you might also find great discounts, promotional offers, and genuine 50% off sales. You can shop at your own convenience at, saving you time and energy.

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