How To Choose Golf Shoes


How to Choose Golf Shoes

Your swing changes, your accuracy and distance improves, you’ll become deadly with a putter, and you always do these things while standing on your feet.

Your feet need to be comfortable! Have you ever developed a blister while walking or running? If so, you know what I’m talking about. They’re painful and can be a distraction to your game. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes ruin your day.

Don’t be a cheapskate when buying your shoes. You will be wearing these shoes many times and they should be considered an investment. Shop.Callaway for the best golf shoe selection.

Comfort should be your biggest motivator when buying shoes. They should not slide up and down on your heel when you walk and your toes shouldn’t feel cramped. If you are a difficult fit consider having your shoes professionally fit to your feet.

Golf shoes should be waterproofed so that your feet remain dry in damp conditions. Good socks are important too, as they will wick perspiration away from you feet, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

All golf courses prohibit metal spiked shoes. They do this in the effort to protect their delicate greens. Purchase shoes that allow you to change the rubber spikes easily. And while you’re at it, purchase some extras and keep them in your bag. You never know when you might lose one. Replace the spikes when they become worn.

With everything you have to worry about while playing golf, your feet shouldn’t be one of them. When it comes to golf footwear, quality counts. Browse the shoe selection at Shop.Callaway

Remember a time, not long ago, when your local golf club pro shop was “the” shopping place for all your golf accessories. Today, ask any young caddy or a twenty-something golf nut, and they might turn up their noses at the thought of shopping at a brick and mortar store.

These same shoppers prefer shopping online for their golf accessories. Not only is it the trendy thing to do, but you might be surprised at the several different types of advantages and benefits you get from shopping online for your golf accessories.

Not only do you get more variety, you might also find great discounts, promotional offers, and genuine 50% off sales. You can shop at your own convenience at, saving you time and energy.

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