How Pros Improve Their Game


How Pros Improve Their Game

Other than hiring expensive tutors, golf pros use many other tricks in order to improve their game. Rigorous and regular practice is, of course, an obvious tactic.

However, most pros will use their golf accessories in many different ways. If you do the same, it will help improve your game and reduce your handicap as well.

Many pros will attach golf weights to the ends of their clubs. Then they practice their slow swings with the additional weights.

This offers 3 distinct benefits:

One, they can quickly develop the correct set of muscles due to the additional resistance.

Second, the extra weights add some zing to their regular training and helps in boosting motivation levels. This in turn, allows the pros to come to the greens and practice regularly, without fail.

Third, it allows them to use the lighter clubs with greater power and accuracy so that their long shots cover a respectable distance with unerring precision.

Pros obviously will invest in a superior set of clubs, often custom fit, and other fine golfing accessories. As you become better at the game, you should also invest in a better set of clubs, you may want to consider having your set custom fit.

Pros will also invest a bit of money in another critical accessory a putting green. This allows them to practice every day, and often, twice a day.

They also prefer using the same putter and same balls that they might use on the golfing green for better control. Pros also watch other pros putting and swinging.

So rent, buy, download, or borrow instructional DVDs or VHSs. The Simple Golf Swing is very informative and will help with your posture, stance, how you address the ball and of course your swing. If you watch the pros it might help you develop better swings, which might help shave a few critical points off your total score.

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