Golf Beginner Basics V, Putting


Golf - Beginner Basics vs. Putting

"Drive for show, putt for dough" is the lesson weíve all seen and learned from watching professional golfers in every tournament and championship.

The masters of golf can drive a ball from here to eternity, but it all boils down to how many strokes of the ball it takes to put the ball in the hole. The long accurate drives donít amount to anything if you canít hit the short shots or putt accurately.

Choosing a putter is important, but being consistent with it is even more important. Iíve had the same putter for fifteen years, I know what it feels like in my hand, I know its weight and how that plays into my putts. for a large selection of putters.

Putting takes lots of practice. Typically, we drive the ball eighteen times in a game, but putt at least twice that number. Doesnít it stand that we should practice our putting at least twice as much as driving? If you canít get to the practice green regularly, practice on your carpet at home or invest in golf training aids that can be used at home. You can also take advantage of a tremendous program The Simple Golf Swing to help improve your stance, grip and swing.

Keep in mind that no ball can make it into the hole if it doesnít have enough power behind the ball to get there. Take the time to get down and look at the path from your ball to the hole; does it slant one way or the other? Is it uphill or downhill?

Stand with your feet spread for balance and line up the putt. Keep you hands, arms and shoulders completely still, imagine that you are a "bobble head" but you move from just below your chest. Keep your head directly over the ball. Pull your club back, keep your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders steady, the movement comes from your chest. Hit the ball, following it with your club.

Most golf courses have practice areas where you can practice your putting and chipping, and some may have a driving range. You may also consider golf swing trainers or other golf training aids. Spend some time working on hitting your ball onto the green from different distances. Aim for a ten-foot circle in the center of the green at first. Experiment using your wedges, what works for someone else, might not work for you.

Learn from each putt and remember the lesson. Practice, practice, practice!

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