Golf Beginner Basics III, The Long Game


Golf - Beginner Basics III - The Long Game

Your long game refers to your drives (shots off the tee) and fairway shots, all the shots you take to get you onto the green.

Every hole is different in itís own way. They all have different degrees of difficulty, different pars and distinctive hazards. This means you may not need to use your driver when you tee off on every hole.

Thatís something that you learn over time. You will learn to make various shots according to the club, the placement of the ball and your personal swing.

Generally speaking, the lower the club number, the longer and lower your ball will go. A 4-iron shot will travel long and low and will most likely roll, whereas a 9-iron shot will have much more loft and go less distance, both in the air and on the ground.

The professionals on television make it look to easy. They consistently hit the ball long and straight and never near-miss the ball, sending it only a few feet in any direction, nor do they completely miss the ball.

Driving is an important part of your game, and many hours spent at the driving range will help improve your distance. The Callaway Golf Big Bertha Drivers are the ultimate in long range driving.

Experiment with the same club to see what happens if you move the ball forward or backward in your stance. Take a lesson, if possible, and learn the proper swing from the beginning. You may also consider checking The Simple Golf Swing, which gives you tips on the proper stance, how to address the ball, and how to swing properly.

As you learn the game and get better at it, you should experiment with different types of balls. By doing this you could help your game by improving your accuracy or giving you more distance. There are numerous balls available and the box will usually have a chart on the back helping to direct you to the right ball for your needs.

Investing in the right equipment is important to your game. Buy wisely!

Being the master of your long game helps you get to the green in fewer strokes. This will keep your score and frustration level down. Remember that it takes a long time to learn consistency and remember, Always have fun!

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